"How I Became A US Citizen"

I wanted to share my experience about going through the naturalization process and becoming a US Citizen.

My name is Ricardo Silva and I had heard all the horror stories of people going through the long, drawn out process of naturalization only to get the dreaded "denied" letter and having to start all over again. Here's what would happen:

  1. A simple mistake would cause their Form N-400 to get delayed or denied.
  2. Their application would be accepted but they would fail the naturalization test.
  3. They would simply "get lost in the process" while having no one to contact for help.


A friend of mine, Jorge, was telling me about a website online that put together a complete package with all the forms, detailed instructions, and great support. So, I decided to give it a try and here is what happened:

  1. My naturalization application was approved quickly and I aced the naturalization test!
  2. I now have a better, more permanent job and I'm enjoying all of the benefits of being a full-blown American Citizen!

Since my friend Jorge shared this with me, I wanted to share it with everyone else. Now it does cost money to get this kit but it is only $47. Fifty bucks is a nothing compared to all the information and support you receive...not to mention the time and money you save in the process.

Good Luck!

Click Here to visit the site that helped me gain my citizenship and changed my life forever!